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November 24, 2021
3 minutes
delt.ai partners with Mastercard to strengthen its payments solution for Mexican businesses
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José de la Luz López, Co-Founder & CEO
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We are excited to announce delt.ai has signed an agreement with Mastercard to operate as its Principal Member in Mexico in 2022.

As a Principal Member, we will be able to combine our proprietary technology with the authority to oversee balance management, transaction authorization, and fraud detection to provide an even more comprehensive financial product for businesses.

One of our first products under this agreement will be a new corporate credit card for Mexico. Corporate credit cards – and the access to short term financing – have proven to be a key growth tool for businesses in Latin America.

Our goal is to offer the best and most secure corporate credit card available anywhere in Mexico thanks to our ability to oversee nearly every step of the backend and approval process, minimizing reliance on third parties.

For existing delt.ai customers, we plan to offer the following:

In 2020, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, delt.ai launched a credit card solution for entrepreneurs in Mexico. Our objective was to build a solution for businesses who were suddenly operating remotely and with less access to cash or short term financing options.

Since that launch, hundreds of customers have processed over $600,000,000 pesos using the delt.ai platform.

We are very proud of having built a product that has helped hundreds of businesses realize their potential in an ecosystem where still, few financial opportunities exist. This Mastercard partnership will help us offer even more financial services built with the SME in mind.

Pablo Cuaron, the Director of Business Development at Mastercard Mexico, explained why partnerships like this one are important:

“At Mastercard, we continue to promote financial inclusion through alliances that enrich the products and solutions available, serving different sectors in a personalized way that is aligned to their needs”.

For delt.ai, this agreement is another step on a journey to transform the reality of operating a small business or startup in Latin America’s growing but still nascent entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Thank you all for helping us make this transformation a reality.

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