Supercharge your growth with card card is the first corporate card powered with financial intelligence, designed for business owners and freelancers in Mexico.

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We offer a card with you in mind, that is why we focus on getting to know you and understand your business to find the best way to grow together.

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Your card gives you total freedom and control over your business finances


Your account is not limited to card transactions, you can also use bank transfers.


Understand your business to make it grow.

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You’ll clearly visualize what we charge your account. No surprises.

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We ask for all the necessary information to get to know you:

“Until, there were no financial products for startups in Mexico, it was impossible to apply for a credit and really costly to make transactions. They have helped us a lot and I recommend them 100%.”

Santiago Carrancá


iconBusiness documentation

Incorporation Documents

Incorporation Documents

All of the information uploaded during onboarding process has to correspond to those in the Incorporation Documents

For more information, visit our Help Center

Electronic Signature Certificate

Electronic Signature Certificate

This document is given to you by the SAT when getting your e.firma.

For more information, visit our Help Center

Proof of Address

Proof of Address

Maximum 3 months-old

For more information, visit our Help Center

Fiscal Situation Certificate

Bank Account Statement

Bank Account Statement

Maximum 2 months-old

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Legal Representative Documentation

Legal Powers

Legal Powers

In case that the person opening the account is not in the Incorporation Documents as the legal representative, then you must upload the necessary documents

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You must upload your INE. In case you’re not Mexican, contact us at

For more information, visit our Help Center
Frequesntly Asked Questions

This is what we usually get asked

How does card work? is a services card linked to a virtual account. This card comes with many other benefits for your business’s administration.

How do I qualify for a card?

If you’re eager to grow, then we’re interested in getting to know your business. That is why we have a unique profiling method.

How long until my card arrives?

A virtual card is available immediately. A physical card, in less than a week.

What do I need to get a card?

First, you need to open an account; after that, we need for you to attend a virtual interview.


Open your account today.


Speak to one of our experts through a videocall.

Get your card

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Start using your card.

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