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"Truly makes sending bulk bank transfers easy and fast"
"delt.ai truly makes sending bulk bank transfers easy and fast. Before, we would lose more than 4 hours each Monday sending countless bank-to-bank transfers. Now, we just load an excel doc and they are processed in a couple of minutes."
Juan Daniel Vélez, CEO & Co-Founder
"delt.ai did in 2 weeks what Santander could not do in 3 years"
“I used a traditional bank for 3 years and time and time again, they told me I did not qualify for a corporate card. delt.ai did in 2 weeks what Santander could not do in 3 years. Thanks to delt.ai, I no longer use my personal credit card for company expenses.”
– Ana Ramos, Co-Founder & CEO
"Short-term liquidity on accessible payment terms"
“delt.ai has supported our growth by granting us short-term liquidity on accessible payment terms. For a company in a very capital-intensive industry, their services have allowed us to maintain fast growth without compromising our finances.”
– Álvaro Hernández, Financial Controller

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